Saturday, July 2

A Dream Trip

Finally dapat jugak pergi one of my dream place Paris.....hehehe thanks to Mr.Hubby for bringing me there...

The plan walaupun hectic and ada hiccups a bit tapi alhamdulillah everything went well and we enjoyed the holiday trip so much. We took a flight directly from KLIA to CDG Airport Paris. Once we reach the airport we search around for transportation to Disneyland Paris. There are few options to go to Disneyland from CDG Airport either by train, bus and taxi. We decided to take the train since we don't want to waste more time while waiting for the bus since we reach there rather early in the morning. Alhamdulillah after berlari2 mengejar train since the train mmg cepat and we have to hurry up each time u nak board the train. We finally reach our train station in Chessy, Paris. And from there we took the shuttle bus to our hotel. The shuttle bus mmg cepat every 10-15minutes ada :). The best thing bila u book hotel in Disneyland they also include daily entrance ticket for Disneyland Park & Studio but u better check with the hotel before u make such booking yer. As for me the hotel provide us the daily ticket unlimited entrance during our stay, shuttle bus dari hotel to disneyland park and they also ada airport transfer bus.

My little ones really enjoyed watching the Disney Parade and it really makes the trip berbaloi :). After spending the few days at the Disneyland Park we decided to take the bus tour to go around City of Paris which we visited the Eiffel Tower and Musee De Lourve where they shoot the movie Da Vinci Code. With the bus tour it includes all the tickets for Eiffel Tower and Boat Tour which is easier for us since we don't have to queue to buy the tickets.

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